Your expertise needed to scale Resiport


500+ Advisors, Managers & Coached needed

500+ Advisors, Managers & Coached needed

          At Resiport we would like to share our Global Success establishing a 4-sided information marketplace for the Nearshore & Offshore Software Outsourcing Ecosystem.
        Our Clients and Service Providers need your local Expertise as:
  • Executive Software Outsourcing Advisor
  • Interim Software Manager
  • Cultural Coach


In order for our Clients and Providers to fully leverage from our on-demand and facts based matchmaking we now need to scale our Global services.

We now extend our matchmaking engine in order for Clients to find your local expertise service offering. Whether you are an independent freelancer or a Powerhouse, we need your assistance servicing our Global Clients.

If you or your organization would like more information about our free Beta program, please leave your e-mail address as a comment to this Linkedin update.