Resiport was founded in 2014 as a result of many years analysis of the Software Outsourcing industry. The need of an independent player in the market that can deliver objective, structured, unified and trustworthy Global data was, and is, the main reason for the Resiport initiative.

By providing verified online information that give all participants in the Software Outsourcing ecosystem the chance to find 100% matching partners, Resiport is a game-changer and facilitator of successful outsourcing for Clients, Providers, Advisers and interim outsourcing management Consultants.


The missing parameter in successful Software Outsourcing


We bring our hearts and minds to the table and deliver honest and transparent services you can trust.


We ensure that:



Software outsourcing Clients make partnerships based on Strategy & Facts and reduce the global search and pre-selection time from months to days.We have researched, audited and certified the best software outsourcing Providers in the world (10 – 1.000 employees). By giving access to the largest database worldwide with data quality equal to or better than can be obtained via an RFI/RFP process, Clients are guaranteed unbiased advisory without any hidden commission fees (typical Broker fee: 20%). By investing in Partnerships based on a Match, the Resiport services generates more than just short-term savings, it generates long-term Value.

Providers, Vendors & Agents

Software outsourcing Providers, Vendors & Agents get a information Marketplace to showcase facts about their business and the possibility to be selected as a perfect Match, not just a random “Yellow pages” look-up. The Resiport Service makes it possible to penetrate Global markets on low marketing budgets and always to be at the right place and time for low frequency but high value opportunities. The Resiport Service generate more than Leads, it generate Prospects almost thru the sales funnel. Due to the Resiport build-in pre-screening functionality the service lead to long lasting Partnerships based on a common goal to create long-lasting Value, not just short-term cost savings.


Software outsourcing Advisers get access to verified Global data that enable and enhance their Premium advisory services. As an option Resiport generate Prospects looking for Premium advisory services.

Managers & Coaches

Interim Outsourcing Managers & Coaches get a Marketplace to showcase their services to Prospects and secure timely engagement with Clients on Quality projects, not just “firefighting” gigs.

The Software Outsourcing Ecosystem

The Software outsourcing ecosystem – onshore, nearshore & offshore – is given process and tools to ensure quality partnerships, Transparency and less Monopoly.


It is our hope that the Resiport services will contribute to long lasting relationships because it all started as a 100% match.