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Podcast: Strategic Design for Premium Products

Strategic Design Podcast In this podcast by Design expert, Sara Schoeler Lass, you hear the story of the head of a b2b company sharing his knowledge about, why, what & how the company started and developed their focus on strategic design, and how it has helped to create a stronger impact on their digital products and..

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EU Tender guide

Guide to find Public Tenders in the European Union

How to Find Public EU Tenders This article is a guide for Independent Software Vendors, but the principles can be used by any vertical.   Foreword Way too many companies are unaware of the waste amount of public tenders issued in the EU on a daily basis. This not only leads to monopoly and national protectionism but..

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IT Project EUR 121.000.000

Pre-notification of National Identity and Authentication Solution – MitID

IT services: consulting, software development, internet, and support 17/10/2017 Denmark-Copenhagen As a courtesy to non-danish speaking users, we have translated the EU pre-notification TED:NOTICE:409465-2017 to English.  Resiport cannot be held responsible for either translation nor content. We recommend users to subscribe to future notifications on the official TED homepage.   Page 1 EUT / S S199 17/10/2017 409465-2017-EN..

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Yearly salary for software developers worldwide - 2017

How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Partner: Interview with Ole Jeppesen

Choosing an outsourcing partner is a major business decision Choosing an outsourcing partner is a major business decision that requires profound analysis of the market and thorough preparation from both vendors and their potential clients. Ole Jeppesen is the CEO and founder of Resiport, the Software Outsourcing Advisory as a Service platform that provides independent, on-demand,..

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Artificial Intelligence takes over Linkedin and send Invites to Members

This article describes Linkedin #ERROR case # 170904-007166. Autonomous generated Linkedin Invites As reported to Linkedin the 4. September 2017 a very spooky Error has appeared on the Linkedin platform. Follow the use case below to understand the full implications and imagine the worst case scenario where a platform error affect 500 million members. Reception of an Invite..

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50 most used mission keywords used by 900 ISVs

2017 Research of Keywords used in Vision, Mission and Strategy statements

Executive summary: This research report is conducted by Resiport in September 2017 based on vision, mission and strategy statements from more than 900 global software outsourcing service providers registered on Resiport, The report furthermore includes the 10 most used keywords Clients have used on Resiport since 2015 with the aim of finding and preselecting potential partners…

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Software Outsourcing - 2017-09 Salary and List Prices

2017 – Salary Rates and List Prices in the Software Outsourcing Industry

Global Salary Rates & List Prices Salary rates and list price Statistics based on global data from 900+ registered and audited Software Outsourcing Providers on Resiport.   As an independent Research & Advisory company Resiport delivers unprecedented global data way beyond magic quadrants, sponsored company ranking lists, and commission based “advisors” in order for our Clients..

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