Independent Software Vendors in Eastern Europe

Can you navigate the landscape of Independent Software Vendors?

Sourcing strategy If it is no longer a question of sourcing or not for your software development, the next step is analyzing your organization needs and define your sourcing strategy. This discipline is the most difficult exercise for Clients and unfortunately also the most underestimated. The level of maturity is directly proportional to the level of success you..

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Copenhagen from above

Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report 2017

16. January 2017, Davos, Switzerland. The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of countries to compete for talent. The report ranks 118 countries according to their ability to grow, attract and retain talent.Much more than an international league table of talent, the GTCI report provides a tool-kit..

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WordPress 4.7.1 Security and Maintenance Release – Update now

WordPress versions 4.7 and earlier are affected by eight security issues: Remote code execution (RCE) in PHPMailer – No specific issue appears to affect WordPress or any of the major plugins we investigated but, out of an abundance of caution, we updated PHPMailer in this release. This issue was reported to PHPMailer by Dawid Golunski and..

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NEW Simpler EU Cookie Rules From 2018

Simpler rules on cookies: The so called “cookie provision”, which has resulted in an overload of consent requests for internet users, will be streamlined. New rules will allow users to be more in control of their settings, providing an easy way to accept or refuse the tracking of cookies and other identifiers in case of..

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Email spam legislation – can you afford to push Enter?

The old email technology is far from dead and we all depend on an email address for business as well as private purposes. Looking through my own inbox and counting the number of received spam emails from the last 10+ years clearly, indicate that spam is here to stay. But, don’t attempt to copy-cat. Be aware..

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WTF is a funding round?

You see it on TechCrunch all the time: company X raised $X million at $X valuation. But if you don’t work in venture capital or finance, you might not know what all this means. Great intro to Venture capital, angel investors, valuation, IPO and funding rounds Source: WTF is a funding round? | TechCrunch

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