Yearly salary for software developers worldwide - 2017

How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Partner: Interview with Ole Jeppesen

Choosing an outsourcing partner is a major business decision Choosing an outsourcing partner is a major business decision that requires profound analysis of the market and thorough preparation from both vendors and their potential clients. Ole Jeppesen is the CEO and founder of Resiport, the Software Outsourcing Advisory as a Service platform that provides independent, on-demand,..

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50 most used mission keywords used by 900 ISVs

2017 Research of Keywords used in Vision, Mission and Strategy statements

Executive summary: This research report is conducted by Resiport in September 2017 based on vision, mission and strategy statements from more than 900 global software outsourcing service providers registered on Resiport, The report furthermore includes the 10 most used keywords Clients have used on Resiport since 2015 with the aim of finding and preselecting potential partners…

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Software Outsourcing - 2017-09 Salary and List Prices

2017 – Salary Rates and List Prices in the Software Outsourcing Industry

Global Salary Rates & List Prices Salary rates and list price Statistics based on global data from 900+ registered and audited Software Outsourcing Providers on Resiport.   As an independent Research & Advisory company Resiport delivers unprecedented global data way beyond magic quadrants, sponsored company ranking lists, and commission based “advisors” in order for our Clients..

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Independent Software Vendors in Eastern Europe

Can you navigate the landscape of Independent Software Vendors?

Sourcing strategy If it is no longer a question of sourcing or not for your software development, the next step is analyzing your organization needs and define your sourcing strategy. This discipline is the most difficult exercise for Clients and unfortunately also the most underestimated. The level of maturity is directly proportional to the level of success you..

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500+ Software Outsourcing Experts Needed

Your expertise needed to scale Resiport   At Resiport we would like to share our Global Success establishing a 4-sided information marketplace for the Nearshore & Offshore Software Outsourcing Ecosystem. Our Clients and Service Providers need your local Expertise as: Executive Software Outsourcing Advisor Interim Software Manager Cultural Coach   In order for our Clients and..

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NEWS: We proudly present our Global Advisory Board

Resiport’s Global Software Outsourcing Advisory Board   It is with big pride that Resiport today, 1. June 2016, announce and present our Advisory Board. The Resiport Global Advisory Board ensure that the Software Outsourcing Ecosystem have access to reliable and vetted data, Research, and Intel about SME’s in the industry. The Board consists of 28..

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Upwork’s New Pricing – 20%

Starting in June 2016, Upwork will be adjusting its pricing model. 20% for the first $500 you bill your client across all contracts 10% for total billings with your client between $500.01 and $10,000 5% for total billings with your client that exceed $10,000 Are you in the need of a Software Outsourcing Information and..

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