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Certification - Resiport

Resiport Certification


Resiport is auditing all 3rd. party company data entered on www.resiport.com or other domains owned by Resiport. The vetting is made by verifying the 3rd. party company data in national registers, public agencies, and public available information. When possible Resiport makes an on-site audit.

The companies that pass the Resiport audit get registered in the Resiport database. During the audit, Resiport guides the provider company representative in presenting their company in the most trustworthy and transparent way.

At the sole discretion of Resiport, companies get certified as a proof of the audit and being granted to make use of the Resiport Certification Badge. The Resiport Certificate is a guarantee to Clients that the level and quality of data obtainable on the audited company is equal to or higher than what can be obtained via an ordinary RFI/RFP process.

Certification Badge

Certified companies are allowed to use the yearly issued Resiport Certification Badge on following terms:

  • The Badge can be used as-is or in a resized version on any digital media;
  • When used on digital medias an accompanying link to this landing page is mandatory

On request, the badge can be obtained in a format suitable for print.


Resiport Certification 2017
Resiport Certification 2017 www.resiport.com


Resiport Certification 2016
Resiport Certification 2016 www.resiport.com


Resiport Certification 2015
Resiport Certification 2015 www.resiport.com


Resiport Certification 2014
Resiport Certification 2014


Resiport does not endorse, or offer any warranty, regarding the certified companies. Each company is fully responsible for their services, and is not affiliated with Resiport nor do they offer services on behalf of Resiport. Customers are fully responsible for their use of the services. Resiport will have no liability for any products or services provided by any 3rd. party company published on Resiport, www.resiport.com.