The Cultural Compatibility Index – TCCI™

The Cultural Compatibility Index gives you a practical overview of Cultural Compatibility between countries in the world.


The Index is based on a mix of practical observations and theory. The Index can be used as a guideline to foresee cultural compatibility between two countries. TCCI™ is a proprietary index, developed and maintained by Resiport. TCCI™ is used by Resiport as a parameter to guide and match IT Outsourcing partners.


TCCI™ is under continuous development by Resiport and may not be regarded as an exact science, but as a very good guideline to foresee what actions two or more partners can take in order to minimize cultural incompatibility.


TCCI™ is a combination of following factors:

  • Language skills, inspired by EF EPI
  • Cultural references inspired by Dr. Hofstede and others
  • Political compatibility
  • Corruption Index inspired by TI and others
  • Business environment
  • Taxation scheme
  • Education


From experience IT Outsourcing partners and the IT industry in general make use of young people whose personality, values, social status and cultural awareness/intelligence/experience often differ from the general culture of their specific country. Therefore we advice the users of TCCI™ only to use the index as an indicator of the work effort and preparations needed to establish Cultural awareness between employees and management between two or more partners.


At Resiport we have not yet seen Cultural differences that couldn’t be overcome by coaching and/or hard work.