Dear User

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Resiport Software Outsourcing Advisory as a Service.

Since the launch of Resiport we have provided Freemium services to our users, e.g.

  • FREE Articles
  • FREE Newspaper
  • FREE curated News and Articles on Social Medias
  • FREE access to our Freemium Matchmaking Engine
  • FREE Research

We do it for 3 reasons

  1. We would like to bring knowledge and Best Practices to the Software Outsourcing Ecosystem
  2. We would like to help start-ups on a low budget
  3. We would like to give you a preview of our Premium services

We hope you will join us

Ole Jeppesen, CEO

CEO & Founder of Resiport
Ole Jeppesen CEO, Resiport

As a prerequisite for the trust from all our users, we need the highest level of data protection.

Intellectual Property protection and protection of Company, as well as personal data, is, and always will be very high on our agenda.

Therefore we need to ensure that each and every user get access to data and documents according to a predefined scheme, nothing more nothing less.

In order to protect all our users to such a high degree as possible, we kindly ask you to authenticate yourself.

We make use of the OAuth-2 industry standard for authentification and Linkedin as a reliable service and data provider.

As soon as you have authenticated yourself you step-up in security level and get access to more menus, documents, and data.

Hope for your understanding