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17/10/2017 Denmark-Copenhagen

As a courtesy to non-danish speaking users, we have translated the EU pre-notification TED:NOTICE:409465-2017 to English.  Resiport cannot be held responsible for either translation nor content. We recommend users to subscribe to future notifications on the official TED homepage.


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EUT / S S199 17/10/2017 409465-2017-EN – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable 1/4 17/10/2017 S199 – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 1/4 This notice on the TED website: Denmark-Copenhagen: IT services: consulting, software development, internet and support 2017 / S 199-409465 advance notice This notice is for guidance only services Directive 2014/24 / EU Part I: Contracting authority I.1) Names and addresses digitization Agency 34051178 Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193 Copenhagen 1017 Denmark Phone: +45 33925200 E-mail: NUTS code: DK Internet address (es): Overall Internet Address: Buyer profile URL: I.2) Joint tender I.3) communication Further information can be obtained from another address: digitization Agency Copenhagen Denmark E-mail: NUTS code: DK Internet address (es): Overall Internet Address: I.4) Type of contracting authority Ministry or other authority at national or federal level, including regional or local departments I.5) Main activity General public services Part II: Object II.1) Extent of supply II.1.1) designation:


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EUT / S S199 17/10/2017 409465-2017-EN – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable 2/4 17/10/2017 S199 – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 2/4 Provision of development, operation, maintenance, support and further development of a national identity and authentication solution (MitID). II.1.2) The main CPV code 72000000 II.1.3) type of contract services II.1.4) Short description: The tender will concern procurement, implementation, maintenance including continuous updating, operation as well as further development of a new critical national identity and authentication solution for society (designated MitID) for the identification of natural persons and the issuance of digital identities and associated credentials. The new solution includes certain of the functionalities currently covered by NemID. In this regard, have Digitization Board and FinansDanmark at the company FRI of 16.9.2015 A / S (“FR1”) concluded a partnership in order to collaborate on the supply, procurement and establishment of the new solution. The contract thus concluded with the Digitalization Board and FR1 as a customer. The solution must be made available to a number actors; Brokers, RA Devices, Common Public Support (FOS), etc., which together with the solution are described details below under item II.2.4). Reference is made to the tender documents for a further description of the solution and services. II.1.5) Estimated total value Value Exclusive VAT: 900,000,000.00 DKK II.1.6) Information about subcontracts The contract is divided into subcontracts: no II.2) Description II.2.1) designation: II.2.2) Additional CPV code (s) 72200000 72210000 72212517 72230000 72250000 72253000 72253100 72253200 72260000 72261000 72262000 72267100 II.2.3) Place of performance NUTS code: DK II.2.4) Description of the offer: The solution will build on one common eID solution for secure digital identification and authentication of physical people across the public and private sectors. The solution must be scalable, modular and flexible structured to develop differentiated functionality to the solution and functionality that enables A Broker can apply it with limited proprietary development. As part of the solution, establish and exhibit


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EUT / S S199 17/10/2017 409465-2017-EN – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable 3/4 17/10/2017 S199 – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 3/4 administrative interfaces as well as a portal to support registration and support for end users, and a self-service portal for end users (supportive functionality). The solution must be established and continuously adapted in line with technological developments, changes in threat picture and/or changing end-user needs to maintain confidence in MitID’s security. This for example, means that the solution must support additional credentials implemented with minimal impact and impact of the solution and Broker’s integration thereto. The solution must include and handle ca. 6-9 million active registered end users/identities, incl. new issues, approx. 1. billion requests for Authentication per. year via Brokers and connection and support for 6-15 Brokers and supporters 150-200 RA units. The supplier must support end-user migration. The supplier shall take care of the daily maintenance, support, and operation, management of the solution, eg. conclusion of agreements with external actors, cf. below, and ensure the business processes and billing. The supplier shall assist in further development of the solution as well as delivering consultancy in relation to the solution and operation. The supplier must work closely with the customer related to development and operation and will also collaborate on a number of services with the following actors: – Brokers: companies or authorities that provide access to the solution eg the public NemLog-In and a number of data centers. – RA entities: registration authorities, private companies and public authorities designated by for either end-user registration or end-user registration and support. – Support organizations: FOS and bank brokers who have direct support from the supplier in relative to providing end-users assistance. It is crucial that the development takes place taking into account that Brokers can join early in the development process, including planning to ensure that necessary interfaces and environments are set early available to the brokers. In relation to Brokers, the supplier shall provide an independent third party’s services available to the Customer for Broker certification, and the supplier must continuously support and secure the process, so the Brokers and the supplier’s own components always meet the certification requirements. The solution must be able to be used by all authorities / public bodies without tender, as the establishment of one National eID by law abolishes public procurement obligations through a nationally binding solution. Main services: i. Development and establishment of authentication, identification, and registration of physical persons with associated supportive functionality and credentials where development and establishment must be observed of a detailed schedule with many addictions. ii. Operation, maintenance including ongoing updates/changes, management and further development of an available solution that is subject to regulatory and security requirements, complex compliance-related rules, as well as the related business processes. iii. Support, in the form of support and support tools for those players (FOS, RA devices, Brokers), providing end-user support and understood as technical support during the development phase of the actors establishes interfaces for the solution. iv. Complex process and project management with actors who rely on joining the solution through one certification process. II.2.14) More information II.3) Provisional date for publication of the contract notice: 21/11/2017 Part IV: Procedure IV.1) Description IV.1.8) Information about the Public Procurement GPA Agreement This offer is covered by the GPA agreement: yes


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EUT / S S199 17/10/2017 409465-2017-EN – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable 4/4 17/10/2017 S199 – – Services – Pre-notification without Call for tenders – Not applicable Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 4/4 Part VI: Additional information VI.3) More information: The procedure is expected to be completed as a negotiated procedure. Selection of candidates takes place on the basis of a prequalification process. It is expected that the contract notice will lay down minimum eligibility requirements in relation to economic and financial capacity and requirements for references in relation to technical and professional capacity. Attention is drawn to the fact that if an enterprise is based on other entities the ability (eg, a parent, affiliate or subcontractor) regardless of the legal nature of the relationships between the companies and these others, the company must prove to possess the resources required to fulfill the contract by submitting a statement of support or otherwise evidence that the applicant actually has the necessary financial and financial capacity or technical and professional capacity. It must be documented that the entity in question is legally obliged applicant. The selection of candidates is expected to be completed on the basis of an assessment of which candidates It has documented the most relevant references regarding the services covered by the contract. Relevance assessment is expected based on whether the references document experience with delivery of comparable services. In relation to item II 1.5), it is noted that the amount represents a current estimate of the expected contractual amount for the full term of the contract, including options. Estimates are based partly on the historical consumption in its existing solution, partly on expected consumption in the new solution with recognized expected efficiency improvements and savings. In relation to point II.3) it is noted that the stated date of publication of the contract notice is the expectation at present. The duration of the contract is expected to be 120 months from the acquisition of the solution with the possibility extension 2 times by 12 months. It is currently expected that the solution will be covered by the “Civil Code” of the Personal Data Act in section 41, PCS. 4. Therefore, it is initially required that the solution be run in Denmark, unless future legislation allows for anything else. Further information and contract terms will be stated in the contract notice and the tender documents. VI.5) Date of dispatch of this notice: 13/10/2017