ISS Art.

Mobile + WEB + CLOUD + SAAS + Big Data

International Software R&D with 80+ IT Professionals.

ISS Art is engaged in information systems and software development. The company does not deal with copying others’ developments. We provide a unique solution according to the customer’s business objectives. We are open and honest, and consequently, our tools are absolutely clear for the customer’s representative at any stage of the project. We fundamentally observe laws and ethical business practices. As a result comes a high quality product developed using modern technologies and business processes.

Our mission is to contribute to international business development creating custom IT solutions thanks to our experience, service and constant self-improvement.

Our values:
  • Transparence,
  • Mutual understanding,
  • Professional ethics,
  • Flexibility,
  • Constant development,
  • Quality.

Extract from the Resiport database:

(Only a fraction of the 500+ quality parameters are shown)

Company name: ISS Art

Year Founded: 2003

Country: Russia, Sibiria

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Customer Engagement Contact
First name  Anna
Given name  Vassenko
Gender  Female
Public Linkedin Profile (URL)
e-mail address
Phone #  :+7(3812)394931
Linkedin Company page

Number of employees: 84

Number of Multi Site companies or divisions: 2

Cultural Compatibility Index™: (E.g. Client country = Denmark) 80 %

(CCI is a proprietary Index developed by Resiport – detailed in full Report)

Cultural proficiency Start End Total number of years


Foreign customers – 98%

Repeat customers – 75%

Largest team size – 33 developers

The longest project – since 2008 up to present

Total number of projects performed – more than 500


Credit terms (Number of days)
Invoice currency
VAT (%)
Other Taxes

Office hours:

Office space:

Total office space:  m2; Open office space:  m2

Meeting rooms total:  m2; Separate praying room:  m2

Kitchen:  m2; Cantine:  m2; Relaxation room:  m2

Meeting rooms: ; Video conference rooms:


Food & Beverage: Free of charge


Office key: ; Digital office key: ;

Security officer:

Alarm, Smoke detectors, CO2/Water, Catastrophe warning

Employee equipment

PC: yes; Monitor size: 19”, Webcam: yes, Phone: yes

Table size (W x D): 1.8 x 1.2 m


Windows OS, Linux OS, MS Office, Time tracking, Open source Dev. environment

Number of employees in Centre / Year 2013 2014 2015
IT Developers
HR employees
Managers (Project/Department)
Employee usage
Own production #
Client teams #
Onshore (avg. #)
Avg. Employee age
Employee Degree
Student #
Bachelor #
Master #
Ph.D #
Sourcing Model(s):
Fixed Contract – Project/Turnkey yes
Project yes
Consultancy yes
Onshore opt
Staff Augmentation yes
Managed Services yes
Build Operate Transfer no
Verticals Avg. Working proficiency (years)
Avg. Salary increase per year (%)
Development Languages Number of Employees Avg. Working proficiency (years)
Software development methodologies Number of Employees Avg. Working proficiency (years)
Price level (EUR/Hour) – Developer
Seniority/Year 2015
0 – 3 xx
3 – 8 xx
8 – 20+ xx
Price level (EUR/Hour) – QA/QC
Seniority/Year 2015
0 – 3 xx
3 – 20+ xx
Price level (EUR/Hour) – Management
Seniority/Year 2015
0 – 20+ xx
Distance from company (km)
Travel time from company (minutes)
Avg. price, single room ***, EUR per day
Avg. price, double room ***, EUR per day
Avg. Salary per inhabitant
Avg. Age

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