Advisory Report

During the Resiport audit of a company profile, Resiport can make a complete due diligence report of the Provider's digital footprint available. Any inconsistencies build up over the years will be detailed in an advisory report.

In case the Resiport audit can't be finalized due to inconsistencies or the company profile data needs improvements the advisory report includes instructions and advice on how to succeed.


Prioritized audit for Software Outsourcing Providers

As Resiport prioritize this premium service, resources for the audit will be allocated on-demand, i.e. the audit report will be delivered within 7 days.


Advantages of a prioritized audit

As the freemium provider service offered by Resiport is very popular we need to schedule the Resiport audits in a way that serves the Clients and the platform best, i.e.

  • Demand for specific services/capabilities
  • General transparency level of the provider company profile
  • “First in first out”

As premium Clients usually buy the Resiport advisory services due to audited data, a search/matchmaking almost always include 'audit year' and/or our transparency certification as a criterium.


Special sircumstances

Some providers can have limitations in public registrations or use business models that make it difficult to pass an audit due to missing profile parameters or public available information diverting from data entered on Resiport, e.g.

  • Company registration number
  • Total number of employees (due to hosting of dedicated Client teams)
  • etc.

In these cases, the provider needs to provide Resiport with alternative verifiable documentation for the audit.



This service is neither guaranteeing a passed audit nor a transparency certification but ensure that the provider gets a third party view of the digital footprint and advice to optimise the company profile on Resiport,

This service includes one on-demand audit and one report.

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It is a prerequisite to have finalized a company profile on Resiport via the ‘Provider freemium’ service in order for Resiport to initiate an audit.

The service can be ordered by providers only interested in the advisory report containing advice for an optimised digital footprint.


Transparency level needed

This service should only be considered by Providers aiming at a high level of transparency.

In general, Resiport only make sensitive data available to Premium Clients, e.g.

  • Financial information
  • Security clearance
  • etc.






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