Provider Freemium


This service makes it possible for Software Outsourcing Providers to get inbound Prospects halfway through the sales funnel.

By ordering this service, registering as a Software Outsourcing Service Provider and fill-in a company profile with an information level equal to or higher than a normal response to an RFI/RFP it enables the service provider to be found as a perfect matching partner by Clients using data-driven decision making in their pre-selection process.

This service also gives access to the freemium matchmaking engine in order for Providers to test how well the data from their company profile makes them stand out from the crowd on a global level.

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The average time to fill-in a company profile requires approximately 2-3 hours work.

A high level of transparency is a pre-requisite to standout from the crowd and get success with this service. In return, it enables a Provider to target Prospects globally and always be the right place at the right time when low frequency but high-value Clients are searching for long-term partners.

Clients receive instant access to contact information when there is a match, and Premium Clients receives a complete company profile including all data.

Resiport audits every company profile, and can at its sole discretion exclude a provider from the platform.