Resiport’s Global Software Outsourcing Advisory Board

Chairman of Global Advisory Board

Chairman, Ole Jeppesen


It is with big pride that Resiport today, 1. June 2016, announce and present our Advisory Board.

The Resiport Global Advisory Board ensure that the Software Outsourcing Ecosystem have access to reliable and vetted data, Research, and Intel about SME’s in the industry.

The Board consists of 28 distinct Leaders and Influencers from the Software Outsourcing Industry. The members represent North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.


Vision with the Board

The Resiport Global Software Outsourcing Advisory Board is the authority for small & medium sized Software Outsourcing Vendors, Providers, and their Clients.

Mission with the Board

The mission is to provide the Software Outsourcing Ecosystem with an advisory board of distinct leaders from major Tiers and Hubs worldwide. The Board can guide on best practices, with vetted data and knowledge about how to leverage from onshore-, nearshore- & offshore software outsourcing.


Board Members

You can welcome to see the team here.


Our work

The newly constituted Board will start the work in June 2016 and the first results of the common efforts will be available for free on in the pre-summer.


Primary audience

  • Software Outsourcing Clients
  • Software Vendors & Outsourcing Providers
  • Software Outsourcing Advisors
  • Interim Managers
  • National & International Associations and Groups
  • Social medias, Bloggers, and Journalists


Where to find us?

To stay informed about our work, you are welcome to follow these channels:



At Resiport we are excited and thrilled to be able to facilitate the Board and wish all members a warm welcome.