Global Salary Rates & List Prices

Salary rates and list price Statistics based on global data from 900+ registered and 
audited Software Outsourcing Providers on Resiport.


As an independent Research & Advisory company Resiport delivers unprecedented global data way beyond magic quadrants, sponsored company ranking lists, and commission based “advisors” in order for our Clients to take unbiased data-driven decisions.


Data explained

Below you will find a snapshot from September 2017 that we provide free of charge as a courtesy to the Providers that continuously update their company profile on Resiport and to Clients that is not yet aware of Software Outsourcing Advisory as a Service as a means to get unbiased insight. Premium Clients and advisors using Resiport are of cause granted instant on demand global data as well as data on a country and provider level.


The data below is presented as 4 quartiles in order for users to be aware of the median rates as well as the natural span in a global market consisting of onshore, nearshore, and offshore software outsourcing vendors.


It is worth noting that the salaries are excluding Personal Income Tax and Benefits.


It is also worth noting that outsourcing often times is delivered as hybrid models in order to leverage a partnership to the fullest. T&M is mostly used as a common indicator/nominator to compare market prices and agree on hybrid based deliveries.


To define developers as Junior, Intermediate and Senior is an old-time simplification but most Clients are aware of this and take it into account when establishing a remote development team. From a high-level point of view, it is well-established indicators and enables Clients to establish budgets and chose the right partner based on needed quality/price ratios, i.e.


no reason asking for a “Ferrari” in a non-branded shop or vice versa.


Hybrid Sourcing Models

In the recent year’s Clients have become more aware of the effect and potential software outsourcing can have on the business revenue. Access to qualified staff and being fast to market factors have become priority number one. The savings factor is still among the top-3 priorities for Clients to know about before they enter or renegotiate a partnership, though. This has to be regarded as a healthy sign in the business, as it is the only way for Clients and Advisors to estimate the total cost of a Service – including the “hidden costs


The reason why we present both Salary levels and T&M rates on the same page is due to the increasing popularity of mixed business models used in the industry. Providers have a long time ago adjusted their offerings to the Clients need of specialized developers mastering specific technologies on a temporary project basis as well as the need for a dedicated team of named resources with deep knowledge of the Clients products and business. The acceptance of transparency as a means to make long lasting win-win partnerships based on smaller deals go hand in hand with add-on offerings like automation and open source. The only pre-requisite is a much more mission/vision based pre-selection of the partner. The success of this strategy is very visible when one compares the challenges the giant software houses have keeping a steady headcount compared to smaller competitors easily reaching two digit growth rates on a YoY basis.


An era of transparency, disruption & opportunities

The $350+ bn. Software Outsourcing industry (10% of the global IT spending) is mostly represented by the giant software houses in the medias. The high-end research and advisory houses only focus on $40 million deals and beyond. We think you will appreciate that the Nordics based Resiport is out of stealth mode.  We offer Clients insight, data, and unbiased matchmaking to a part of the industry specialized in new technologies, partnerships, and… by the way, consist of more than 20.000+ independent Software Vendors.



“Welcome to a new world of transparency, disruption and oppotunities”



Ole Jeppesen

CEO & Founder of Resiport


Software Outsourcing - 2017-09 Salary and List Price