Globalization and Outsourcing

Are you sure that you are ready to Outsource your Software R&D?

When things go wrong, these are the TOP 10 major causes of Software Outsourcing Failure:   Present codebase & documentation level unfit for offsite R&D Future Product/Services not fit for offsite R&D Outsourcing strategy non-existent Outsourcing strategy not aligned with company strategy Business case not based on realistic estimates Organisation Maturity insufficient Lack of Processes/Methods/Tools..

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Are Hofstede’s culture theories overrated?

Why cultural differences aren’t responsible for bad bosses and employees Missouri business professor, Arthur Jago, has demonstrated that we make way too much of culture as a force behind an employee’s— and by extension, a leader’s— behavior. In his recent paper, published in European Management Journal, Jago revisits data gathered from 14 countries. Are Hofstede’s..

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