It all starts with data

Before we launched Resiport – The B2B IT outsourcing portal – we carefully used almost a year to go through data available on the Internet on more than 3.000 IT outsourcing providers. Based on this data we invited 800 IT outsourcing providers to participate in our Beta program. So far 90+ % of the invited providers have signed-up and added there company data on the Resiport portal.

We want to associate quality with the Resiport brand, so yes, we are very selective! In our search and pre-selection phase we principally did the same thing any potential IT outsourcing client or adviser would do: Surf through the internet via numerous search engines, Social Medias, etc. to find a matching partner. At Resiport we have done this but in a much larger scale, and used our experience from many years in the industry digging one layer deeper having each and every provider filling out a predefined data-set defining there company DNA. Unfortunately it has been necessary for us to “say goodbye” to almost 10% of the companies that signed-up due to breach of our terms and conditions.

It is all about trust in data

And here you have the most common “mistakes” found in our investigations and audits on companies that did not make it to the Resiport Beta program:

  1. Number of employees: Sure, if you have 100 – 500 employees it somehow reflects success at some level and as a start-up or SME it was maybe one of the most difficult hurdles in the past to convince a potential Client that you company was big enough. There seems to be a tendency in the outsourcing industry always to exaggerate this number. Unfortunately for those who deliberately exaggerate this number, and sometimes even with a different number on the company homepage, on the CEO’s Linkedin profile, on a employees Linkedin profile, on a former employees Linkedin profile, on the company’s Linkedin profile, on company profiles on a number of the other social networks….the Internet has a loooong “memory”. Who say “big is beautiful”? There is always a potential client out there looking for a provider with your company size!
  2. Partnerships and Certifications: It just take a phone call or a look-up in a database to verify a partnership or a VALID certification. Sad to say, but expired Certifications and terminated partnerships seems never to be deleted from some companies marketing material and home pages.
  3. Clients references: It maybe looks great with hundreds of company logos on the reference list, but if just one of them turn out to be a non-existing reference, the potential client is lost. Client references has always been a grey area and “best practice” seems to be a complete list of all present and old Clients, no matter if the partnership ended decades ago or just was a one consultancy hour relationship. At Resiport we will define a best practice that makes sense to a potential Client.
  4. Technical capability:To have one employee in the workforce capable of doing great things with a new (or old) technology is not worth much to a new Client if it turns out that the employee is stationed abroad and the capability is not in-house. At Resiport we will make it more transparent to the potential Client what can be regarded as in-house knowledge and to what extend the knowledge can be regarded as best in the field.
  5. Non-existing company or Bad standing: Even in the outskirts of our small world companies are registered at start-up, pay tax and get registered in some way or the other if the company has done something unlawful.


At Resiport our ambition is to give potential IT outsourcing Clients a high level of trust, more transparency, and a set of best practices the complete IT outsourcing ecosystem can follow. We are confident that the IT outsourcing Providers participating in the Resiport Beta program are borne with a DNA to set this high standard. It is not the Resiport goal to be the global IT outsourcing “police”, but we allow ourselves to be selective!

Resiport open the doors for IT outsourcing Clients in September 2015, making it possible for them to find the best matching SME IT outsourcing partner worldwide.