Resiport’s mission, vision, strategy, values & CSR policy.


It is Resiport’s MISSION to enable businesses throughout the world to find the best matching IT outsourcing service Partners by providing fully independent online search, match and selection services.


It is Resiport’s VISION to be the premium global partner of choice for IT outsourcing Clients, Providers, Advisers and interim outsourcing management Consultants.


It is Resiport’s STRATEGY to provide quality online services that ensure:

  • IT outsourcing Clients always find the best matching IT outsourcing service Providers globally, according to the Clients’ preferences;
  • IT outsourcing Providers get a platform to showcase their business for matching potential Clients and marketing services that ensure worldwide penetration capability;
  • IT outsourcing Advisers get a service that enable them to offer their Clients a premium service based on factual global data, statistics and best practices;
  • IT management Consultants get a platform that ensure they can offer potential Clients Interim local services in the upstart phase; and
  • the IT outsourcing Community is given a new approach to partnership: LESS dependent on individual marketing and sales capability and MORE on best global match, trust and transparency.

Resiport is targeting SME Clients and Providers and promote multi-sourcing for larger accounts.

Resiport embraces continuous delivery of new services, features and practices based on user feedback and trends in the IT outsourcing industry.


Resiport VALUES are integrity, trust, honesty, transparency and open communication.

CSR policy.

It is Resiport’s CSR POLICY to respect national and international law and principles, contribute to local, national and global growth through partnership and conduct our business with high level of integrity, honesty and Transparency.

Ole Jeppesen

CEO at Resiport

Seeland region, Denmark, 16. March 2015