Client Freemium


This service makes it possible for Clients to find the best matching software outsourcing Providers Worldwide for their needs and outsourcing strategy.

The data is based on vetted RFI/RFP responses from Software Outsourcing Service Providers and Vendors worldwide. Each company profile includes more than 100 measurement points (including those that is not to be found anywhere on the internet)

The Resiport Matchmaking Engine makes it possible for Clients to query the database for one or more potential partners that match their needs 100% without any kind of Bias, sponsored rankings or magic quadrants.



A limited subset of search criteria from the Premium services are available

The user has to add as many search criteria’s as needed to get maximum 4 perfect matching service providers.

When a match is found the contact information to the matching software outsourcing provider(s) is displayed.

(The Premium services includes more search criteria’s and a full report containing all available data on each matching Service Provider)