Resiport is the leading Information service in the IT outsourcing ecosystem.

The disruptive service for small and medium sized enterprises.


Resiport provide outsourcing Clients with an intelligent search engine, using the latest technologies, making it very easy to transform a complete IT outsourcing strategy to a 1-click search query.

A online, transparent and anonymous Search Service.


Resiport offer a 100% match capability, online, and 100% independent from any player in the marked.

The Resiport database contain a complete, and up to date, DNA of every outsourcing Provider with hundred of quality parameters.

The Client is in full charge of priorities and criteria to match.


The outsourcing Client get access to detailed information with hundreds of audited and verified parameters on the best matching IT outsourcing Providers that match the Clients strategy. We provide contact information on 1 – 4 matching IT Outsourcing Providers

Anonymous Search
We guaranty the outsourcing client full anonymity.
Quality Data
We provide the largest global database of SMEs providing IT outsourcing services
We have collected and audited hundreds of parameters on each provider

Client benefits

  • Global match
  • Online service
  • Anonymous service
  • Independent advisory
  • Audited Data

Provider benefits

  • Global market penetration
  • Long-term Clients
  • Right place at right time
  • Best ROI
  • Subscription based

Community benefits

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Matching partners
  • Best ROI
  • Long-term partnerships