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We make 100% matching partnerships.


It is Resiport’s MISSION to enable SME’s throughout the world to find the best matching IT outsourcing service Partners by providing fully independent online search, match and selection services


It is Resiport’s VISION to be the premium Information Service of choice for all parties in the IT outsourcing ecosystem


It is Resiport’s STRATEGY to provide quality on-demand instant information services that ensure all users gets:

  • 100% global matching partners;
  • 100% independent Search/Match/Select
  • Best ever ROI

This could be your partner

We have selected a few software outsourcing providers to showcase the level of transparency available through the Resiport service.

Resiport Trailer 1

How we do it

These are the elemets


We have used decades of experience with IT outsourcing to prepare Resiport.

Having navigated the complete ecosystem of IT outsourcing as:

  • IT outsourcing Clients
  • IT outsourcing Advisers
  • IT outsourcing Agents & Brokers
  • IT outsourcing Providers
  • IT outsourcing Managers (Client & Provider side)
  • Software R&D Developers since the 80’s,

we pride ourselves knowing all the rolls in the software development and outsourcing industry, from start-ups to Fortune 500.


The most important thing for us is to be able to transform the Client strategy to a perfect match.

Every Client has specific priorities and needs, and we don’t put restraints on the strategy and top priorities in order to find a 100% match.


More then 600 IT Outsourcing providers from 6 continents in 60+ countries, representing a workforce of 60.000+ IT professionals were carefully selected and invited to join Resiport.

Due dilligence

We audit every IT outsourcing provider.

  • Verify company registration in national registers
  • Verify certificates and partnership programs
  • Double-check for “bad standing” in complete ecosystem
  • Audit hundreds of quality parameters


Big data, BI and Intelligent search – sure we make use of technology, but what really makes a difference is that we are independent from all entities in the IT outsourcing ecosystem.

Beta Program

The Resiport BETA program is a proof of concept.

Providers are continuously invited and audited.

The Beta program was launched for Providers in January 2015.

The Beta program was launched for IT outsourcing Clients in October 2015.

In parallel we start inviting Advisers and Interim outsourcing Managers in order to complete our portfolio of data sets, making Resiport the preferred platform for the complete IT outsourcing ecosystem.

Beside of collecting and auditing data we have a portfolio of initiatives that compliments the Resiport platform and enhance the common goals of all users – to make great partnerships.

Did we mention that the BETA program is free of charge?

You are welcome to Request an Invite from the main menu

Resiport Facts

We have prepared a fact sheet for you to print out.

See the unprecedented number of quality search & selection parameters we make available to you on each and every of the IT outsourcing providers. Get a feeling of the unlimited possibilities we provide in order for you to find a 100% matching partner.

Get convinced by example that our on-line method also works for you.


Resiport statistics

Q1 – 2016

We are happy to announce that we reached a very important milestone in the Beta program.

100+ Prospects found the perfect matching Software Outsourcing Provider using the Resiport service.