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Resiport Certification 2016
Resiport Certification 2016

How we do it


Resiport invites the very best Software Outsourcing Providers, Web-Agencies, Advisors, Interim Managers, and Cultural Coaches worldwide, to sign-up and become part of the Resiport service.

Either we approach these actors directly, or they apply for an invite online.

Resiport is a subscription based service (FREE during the Resiport Beta), i.e. no commission or referral fees!

Request For Information (RFI)

Resiport requests the invited actor to fill in an online company profile.

The Company Profile contain more than 100 specific parameters (DNA)

The average time to complete a DNA profile is between 2 and 5 hours.

The level of information equals a typical RFI/RFP

Resiport guides the actor to obtain the most accurate and transparent DNA profile

Audit and Certification

Each of the completed company profiles is audited by Resiport.

The audit includes:

  • Verification of company registration in public registers
  • Verification of parameter

At this stage, Resiport excludes 10% in average of all applicants from the platform for non-compliance with the Resiport Terms & Conditions.

At the sole discretion of Resiport the audit can be concluded with a certification.


Clients have two options to find a 100% matching partner using Resiport

  1. By using Resiport’s FREE on-demand matchmaking engine the Client gets access to a subset of the Resiport database. This option is typically used either to get the feeling of the Resiport service level, or by Clients that just need sufficient data in order to approach a Service Provider, e.g. small project.
  2. By using Resiport’s Premium matchmaking services the Client is offered an interview with an Executive Advisor. During one or more interviews Resiport makes sure that a complete Strategy including Priorities and weight of chosen parameters are captured. The level of information gathered during the interview is typically on the same level as used for an RFP. The Executive Advisor make a complete Match on all parameters agreed upon and deliver a Report to the Client with typically 1 – 10 matching Service Providers.

For Premium services please contact Resiport via this contact form.

At this stage, the Client has all information to conclude a pre-selection of a Service Provider using own resources, or the option to make use of Resiport’s value adding Advisory Services.

Request For Proposal, RFP (optional)

The Client can optionally choose one or more value-adding services in the pre-selection phase.

Per need basis, Resiport is typically offering the client to coordinate and conduct an RFP process. The advantages are:

  • The Client receives advice on how to generate an RFP document using best practices,
  • Resiport ensures that all parties sign an NDA
  • Resiport ensures that the Client and all service providers get exactly the same high level of service during the process, e.g. forwarding of RFP document in a timely manner, answering all questions from the Service Providers, collecting and pre-viewing all RFP Responses.
  • The Client receives a complete scorecard on each Service Provider based on the previous matchmaking and the responses to the RFP. The Score is based on Priority and weight

The result is typically a short-list of 1 – 3 Service Providers

Depending on the process strategy a Best and Final Offer (BAFO) process can optionally be added to the Resiport service offering.

Due Diligence (Optional)

The final step in a pre-selection should by using best practices be concluded with a Due Diligence on-site at the Service Provider(s).

Resiport offers the Client a value added optional service to:

  1. Conduct a complete Due Diligence
  2. Accompany the Client and act as an Advisor before, during and after.

The result is a level of information needed to sign a contract

We make 100% matching partnerships.


It is Resiport’s MISSION to enable SME’s throughout the world to find the best matching IT outsourcing service Partners by providing fully independent online search, match and selection services


It is Resiport’s VISION to be the premium Information Service of choice for all parties in the IT outsourcing ecosystem


It is Resiport’s STRATEGY to provide quality on-demand instant information services that ensure all users gets:

  • 100% global matching partners;
  • 100% unbiased Search/Match/Select
  • Best ever ROI

This could be your partner

We have selected a few software outsourcing providers to showcase the level of transparency available through the Resiport service.

Resiport Facts

We have prepared a fact sheet for you to print out.

See the unprecedented number of quality search & selection parameters we make available to you on each and every of the IT outsourcing providers. Get a feeling of the unlimited possibilities we provide in order for you to find a 100% matching partner.

Get convinced by example that our on-line method also works for you.


Resiport Beta

All of the year 2016 Resiport has been in Beta.

The purpose of the Beta has been a complete Proof Of Concept on on-demand and Premium services. Not to forget the most important thing of preparing a disruptive business case that will ensure the best ROI for all users of this 4-sided software outsourcing information marketplace.

All services will without exceptions be subscription based for all users, i.e. no hidden commission or referral fees and no sponsored ranking. This makes Resiport the first true Advisory service in the ecosystem and a platform where all parties have equal chances to become a 100% match based on facts, transparency, and Client needs.

The remaining part of the year Resiport will consolidate on all levels before going commercial on all on-demand services in Q1 2017.