Globalization and Outsourcing

Are you sure that you are ready to Outsource your Software R&D?

When things go wrong, these are the TOP 10 major causes of Software Outsourcing Failure:   Present codebase & documentation level unfit for offsite R&D Future Product/Services not fit for offsite R&D Outsourcing strategy non-existent Outsourcing strategy not aligned with company strategy Business case not based on realistic estimates Organisation Maturity insufficient Lack of Processes/Methods/Tools..

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EU Tender guide

Guide to find Public Tenders in the European Union

How to Find Public EU Tenders This article is a guide for Independent Software Vendors, but the principles can be used by any vertical.   Foreword Way too many companies are unaware of the waste amount of public tenders issued in the EU on a daily basis. This not only leads to monopoly and national protectionism but..

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How #LinkedIn made an intelligent #Source #Code #Navigator

The backend story of a large-scale source code navigator #Codesearch is vital for any tech organization that operates at a large scale, and LinkedIn depends heavily on it. Engineers at LinkedIn use codesearch frequently to see how certain #APIs are being used, how configurations of certain services look, how some of the #classes / #methods..

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Independent Software Vendors in Eastern Europe

Can you navigate the landscape of Independent Software Vendors?

Sourcing strategy If it is no longer a question of sourcing or not for your software development, the next step is analyzing your organization needs and define your sourcing strategy. This discipline is the most difficult exercise for Clients and unfortunately also the most underestimated. The level of maturity is directly proportional to the level of success you..

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Email spam legislation – can you afford to push Enter?

The old email technology is far from dead and we all depend on an email address for business as well as private purposes. Looking through my own inbox and counting the number of received spam emails from the last 10+ years clearly, indicate that spam is here to stay. But, don’t attempt to copy-cat. Be aware..

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Should you hire for bimodal IT? | CIO

Since Gartner coined the term of bimodal IT, plenty of CIOs have jumped on the bandwagon and separated their IT departments into two camps. But a recent report from Forrester suggests that bimodal IT only complicates things, and the real success lies in business technology units. Source: Should you hire for bimodal IT? | CIO

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Cultural Intelligence and Offshore Outsourcing Success

Paper: Cultural Intelligence and Offshore Outsourcing Success: A Framework of Firm-Level Intercultural Capability   Abstract: This article discusses the importance of firm-level cultural intelligence in the context of international business ventures such as offshoring. We identify the recent movement toward global delivery models in offshoring ventures as the strategic imperative for offshoring partners to acquire and..

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How to choose the best IT outsourcing Provider? – Part 1

How to choose the best IT outsourcing Provider? – Part 1 by Yulia Chekhlova is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at ISS Art, edited and published by Resiport. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Resiport. Any views expressed in this article are..

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