Sourcing strategy

If it is no longer a question of sourcing or not for your software development, the next step is analyzing your organization needs and define your sourcing strategy. This discipline is the most difficult exercise for Clients and unfortunately also the most underestimated. The level of maturity is directly proportional to the level of success you get.

Compensating low organization maturity

If an organization decide to move ahead (and sadly most do) without a structured approach to sourcing there are a few mandatory requirements that can make it a success anyway:

  • Find a mature Partner that can help you all the way
  • Find a domestic or Nearshore partner to gain from the advantages of close proximity


IT Clusters in Eastern Europe

For European Clients, the choice is often to find a Nearshore partner. Fortunately, the IT clusters in Europe have grown at a high pace the last 20 years, and the maturity level is among the best in the world.

When that said, just in Eastern Europe you will find more than 500 ISVs to choose from.

Independent Software Vendors in Eastern Europe

IT Clusters in Eastern Europe. Source: Resiport

Never, ever, choose your new Partner by random

A Client that know exactly what is needed from an external partner to get the job done is definitely having an easier task in the pre-selection phase. Yet, organizations with less experience are well off by using a matchmaking platform like Resiport.

From a historical point of view, the pre-selection process has been an underestimated instrument to compensate the lack of experience about the software outsourcing landscape. There is simply no logic in choosing a Partner by:

  • Giving in for cold call by a random sales person
  • Google your way to a possible ISV (You have no clue what so ever how Google rank the search results. Google do not have access to the information that really matters – and for sure you will not be able to compose a query based on all your needs)
  • Choosing an ISV recommended by a colleague can be a terrible mistake (Client never has exactly the same needs)
  • Random pick from a directory list
  • letting a Broker make the pick for you from a couple of handfuls of ISVs (In the same way, you would never let a real estate agent chose your new house for you and indirectly pay 20% on top of each invoice as a hidden commission fee)


Unfortunately, statistics from the last 20 years show that above methods were all used by Clients that never succeeded (50%)


Matchmaking using hundreds of parameters

At Resiport we have not only collected detailed information on more than 800 ISVs. The data level and quality is equal to or higher than can be expected from a full-scale procurement process, i.e. data you will not find anywhere on the internet. We have vetted the information on each and every one of the ISVs in order to ensure our Clients reliable data. As a Client-centric advisory service, we guaranty unbiased results.We are not just handing over a directory list for a specific region, but ensure that the Client gets a match on each of the selected parameters.

More than 100 parameters with 500+ options are available on-demand in the following categories:

  • Regional data, e.g. salary level, tax, transport time, time zone, …
  • Company info, e.g.CxO data, number of development sites, Client origin, contact info,…
  • Business info, e.g. mission, vision, service offering, business model, price, verticals, credit time, …
  • Office info, e.g. office space, meeting rooms, table size, …
  • Infrastructure, e.g. Power, UPS time, International internet connection bandwidth, security, …
  • HR, e.g. HR services, time to hire, time to establish team, …
  • R&D, e.g.supported methods, supported platforms, programming languages, …
  • Partner programs, e.g. MS, Oracle, SAP, …
  • Employees, e.g. Number of employees, education, age, language skills, turnover, …

From a statistical point of view, we haven’t made a match between a Client and an ISV based on exactly the same requirements, This tell a little about how diversified requirements Clients have to a partnership, and that just as many ISVs stand out from the crowd.


Freemium matchmaking

In order for less experienced Clients to get acquainted with our matchmaking services and get inspiration to their analysis and strategy, Resiport offers freemium access to our matchmaking engine and a sub-set of all our data. By selecting the parameters in the order our engine suggests, the client will automatically conduct a search based on best practices. By extending and refining the search, a perfect match can be found in less than an hour.


Premium matchmaking

By choosing the premium matchmaking services offered by Resiport, the Client gets help all the way by an Executive Advisor and access to all data. The premium matchmaking service has a price level comparable to headhunting a domestic manager. The outcome is priceless.


We get better day by day

When we launched Resiport in 2014 it was with an agile mindset that would ensure an on-demand service that would bring unprecedented results for the Clients from day one. We learn from each enhancement. We listen to all the input we get from Clients, Providers, Advisors, Interim Managers & Coaches and our 30+ members Advisory Board.

Rating of ISV’s

The next enhancement in our pipeline is ratings of ISV’s by present and previous Clients. It will be much more than a 5 star rating, as Clients need much more information about the reference to make the data useful, e.g.

  • Client origin
  • Client organization size
  • Number of FTE’s (full-time equivalents) during engagement
  • Period the service was used (number of days, last date of engagement)
  • Vertical(s), domains, platforms, programming language
  • Rating on each sub-parameter

Franchising Advisory Services

In order to give Clients the best domestic, on-site, Executive advisory services, we are partnering with the best Advisors in the world – globally!

Our Advisory partners will get access to our Premium matchmaking engine in order to be able to guide the Clients in exactly the same way as we do in the Nordics.