Globalization and Outsourcing

Are you sure that you are ready to Outsource your Software R&D?

When things go wrong, these are the TOP 10 major causes of Software Outsourcing Failure:   Present codebase & documentation level unfit for offsite R&D Future Product/Services not fit for offsite R&D Outsourcing strategy non-existent Outsourcing strategy not aligned with company strategy Business case not based on realistic estimates Organisation Maturity insufficient Lack of Processes/Methods/Tools..

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500+ Software Outsourcing Experts Needed

Your expertise needed to scale Resiport   At Resiport we would like to share our Global Success establishing a 4-sided information marketplace for the Nearshore & Offshore Software Outsourcing Ecosystem. Our Clients and Service Providers need your local Expertise as: Executive Software Outsourcing Advisor Interim Software Manager Cultural Coach   In order for our Clients and..

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