When your CEO doesn’t care, your seat is getting hot

Once again an American company go to the extreme and use outsourcing of IT as an instrument to cover-up missing leadership and bad management.

It is a great paradox in a time where the world lack millions of software developers and IT professionals some CEO’s wait so long taking action on business needs that only revolutions can save their company.

The last decade the concept of ‘Software outsourcing’ was transformed from a pure cost saving alternative to a long term win-win. It is quite simple: All of the western world can’t get enough skilled software developers. Doing things right, and in due time, it is possible to scale the needs of staff in such a way that locals are hired in the pace the education systems can deliver, and nearshore or offshore personnel is added as needed to ensure growth. Yet, some “leaders” wait so long taking the right decisions that only a “revolution” is an option.

This is bad for local employees, for the society, and for the complete software outsourcing ecosystem.

Unfortunately the media’s will focus on the “instrument” instead of the root cause of the problem.