It might be a good idea to start looking at the IT outsourcing option if you are seeing one or more of the following happening in your company.

Can’t find the right people?

You have maybe tried to stay clear of outsourcing as you like to have all development inhouse. The last year you have seen several business opportunities slipping through your fingers because your crew is already on overload. You have for a long time made use of your personal network, your employees network, social medias and recruiting agencies to attract people for your open positions, but without success. You realize that your company has been hit by a skills shortage, and there are very few things you can do about it because your company is to small, located in the province, or don’t joggle with the latest technologies that can attract the right personnel.

Your present workforce is almost all occupied doing maintenance, and the few new projects on the drawing board contain new technologies that you have had to hire external and expensive consultants to do, just to stay clear of a flat zero on the bottom line.

Well, some would claim that you have stalled a decision simply because the decision would bring you and your management team out of your comfort zone as leaders. You maybe hoped for a change in the situation to pop-up, hoped that it was only a cyclic phenomenon, but even a quick due diligence would have given you and your management team the answer months ago: Downsize your company or go for the opportunities with outsourcing.

The right time is now!

You will find out that you have many options when you choose outsourcing:

  1. You can outsource the maintenance of the old products;
  2. You can outsource the R&D of future products; or
  3. You can do a mix.

No matter what option you choose, find your new outsourcing partner with care, go for a long term relationship that make you able to size up/down as you need, a partner that preferably can handle both maintenance and R&D, a partner that fit you present and future situation, a partner small enough that a single phone call to the CEO will make things happen, and big enough to avoid that you will be regarded as a bull in a china shop, a partner that can grow with you and together with you.


Do your customers complain about QoS?

Ok, you have observed the reports for some time, but you keep getting an increase of complaints about your delivered quality from your present customers. You have already invested in training of your staff several times, introduced and strengthened your processes. Your churn-rate start increasing as your staff see the signs on the wall. It seems that you have more customers then you can handle in-house.

The right time is now!

You will find out that you have many options when you choose outsourcing:

    1. You can find a partner that is specialised in quality of service;
    2. You can take advantage of Time zones;
    3. You can definitely save money.

Doing so, you will realize that you get back on track in a minimum of time and if you choose a collaboration model that involves your in-house team in the daily work, you will get continuous training of your own staff for free.

No matter what option you choose, find your new outsourcing partner with care.


Are you the new start-up with a service that is going to be the next Google?

To be a technology wizard will not necessarily make a good product or service. You know, because you are just a smart girl with a bright idea. You have used most of your savings just to make a business plan, market analysis, vision, mission and strategy for your new company. To visualize your product/service you have made a simple muck-up that could convince an Angel Investor to “bet” on your idea.

You will soon realize that very few IT professionals of the right caliber is willing to leave their $100K job for a business that has not proven its capability to survive. The few students and juniors that are willing to take the risk can maybe get you there, maybe within budget, “maybe” with a stake in your company…in a few years!

The right time is now!

To be the first on the marked is often the most important issue for most start-ups, and by using IT outsourcing you will be able to gear the process on several parameters:

  1. You will get a partner that is fully dedicated to your project;
  2. You will get top Architects and Developers that are thrilled working with/for you;
  3. You will find a partner that can get you on the marked in time;
  4. You will get the quality you need; and
  5. You will even get a partner that has the experience getting you all the way to the market.

No matter what option you choose, find your new outsourcing partner with care!


Resiport – The B2B IT outsourcing portal

When your needs for outsourcing has grown too big to be solved with freelancing services or when you are too small to be taken serious, it is time to find a SME IT outsourcing provider that fit your needs, a local adviser that can help you with your outsourcing strategy, or an Interim outsourcing manager that can get your pilot project up and running.

Until recently it was a jungle just to find an average “match” that would fit your needs, and (too) often it turned out not to be a match at all.

Resiport is turning the search, match, and selection process in the IT outsourcing industry upside down by offering an information service that for the first time has one, and only one goal: To find the perfect match.

Not only do we do it online, we do it 100% independent from any party in the industry, we do it without taking a stake of each deal, neither from the Client, nor the Provider/Adviser/Manager. Clients typically save 5 – 10% of the first year expenses by using Resiport. Providers normally use 5-15% of the yearly revenue on marketing and pre-sales, but with Resiport it is now possible to be, not only at the right place, but also at the right time, with the right offering, being able to penetrate new markets and with a better margin. Advisers are finally getting a global matching service that make them able to offer their clients a premium service – and be found locally. Interim managers will be able to be found, booked in time, continuously all year long, and do what they do best – IT outsourcing management.

The many players in the IT outsourcing industry are just as diversified in their service offerings as the many different Client needs, therefore it is with pride that we can do our matchmaking based on 600+ providers, from 60+ countries, scattered over 6 continents, with a workforce of 60.000+ IT professionals, all screened, participating on invite only, and having their hundreds of quality parameters audited by Resiport…and we are just getting started! We will continually release new initiatives that compliments our matchmaking services and benefit the complete IT outsourcing ecosystem.

The right time is now!

The Resiport Beta program went online 1. June 2015 after years of research, and Clients are invited to try us out starting 1. September 2015. The Beta program will continue as a Proof Of Concept minimum all of 2015 – Free of charge!

Welcome to Resiport

Ole Jeppesen

CEO @ Resiport